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  Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Stepping Back, Stepping Forward: Photography and War

Vandy Rattana’s work straddles the line between strict photojournalism and artistic practice. Building on this tension in The Bomb Ponds, we look to the differing practices of artist An-My Lê' and photojournalist James Nachtwey. While Lê' questions how far back she can step and still make a contemplative image about war, Nachtwey feels a responsibility to step forward with his camera into the actual violence of war. Lê speaks of beauty, Nachtwey of the decisive moment. Curator and Director of SA SA BASSAC Erin Gleeson will briefly introduce some thoughts and texts concerning aesthetic concerns in photographic practices on war before screening the following:

An-My Lê': 29 Palms / art:21, episode #136                                                                 10 minutes

A brief look into the practice and intentions of An-My Lê' as she discusses her photographic and film series made at Twentynine Palms, a U.S. Marine Air Ground Combat Center that serves as the final training before departure to Iraq.

“I wanted to approach the idea of war in a more complicated and more challenging way…looking at the landscape of war.” - An-My Lê'

The War Photographer by Christian Frei, 2001                                                            90 minutes

A film documenting the photographic practice and philosophy of James Nachtwey, one of the world’s renowned war photographers.

“In a way, if an individual assumes the risk of placing himself in the middle of a war in order to communicate to the rest of the world what is happening, he is trying to negotiate for peace. Perhaps that is the reason why those in charge of perpetuating a war do not like to have photographers around. “ – James Nachtwey